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Our Prices

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Our Packages

Therapy Session

Single Session (up to 1 hour)

These sessions will be tailored to your specific needs using classic hypnosis, regression, BWRT, health coaching as required.

€95 EUR

Individual Sessions

Smoking Cessation (up to 2.5 hours)

Most people succeed in stopping smoking in one session however this can never be guaranteed as each person is different. Should you require more sessions, these will be charged at the Individual session rate.

€375 EUR


Hypnotherapy Package

For deeper issues, more sessions may be required in order to effectively tackle the root cause and make lasting changes. In this case, 5 sessions is often sufficient. 5x 1 hour sessions of hypnotherapy/BWRT

€450 EUR

Weight Management Packages


5x 1 hour health coaching sessions, 10 weeks of regular email support, recipes and dietary advice, hypnotherapy for motivation/stress relief as needed/required.

€500 EUR

Weight Management Packages

Platinum Package

Everything included in the Gold package but starts off with a 9 day nutritional cleanse to kick start your weight loss journey.

€720 EUR

Weight Management Packages

Executive Package

Providing a tailored approach to fit your lifestyle and needs. If you are too busy to think, then let me do the thinking for you. Extra services can include daily calls or emails for motivation, reviewing restaurant menus to find healthy choices, accompanied shopping trips.

Prices start at €1,000 EUR

Weight Management Packages


3 x 1 hour health coaching sessions tailored to help you maintain a healthy weight, 6 weeks of regular email support to keep you on track.

€325 EUR


Private Classes

4x 2 hour classes held at our location or in the privacy of your own home. Also available via Skype.

€600 EUR


Group Classes

4x 2 hour classes held on Wednesdays in Luxembourg from 19:00-21:00.
Contact us for more information / booking.

€300 EUR

Energise Your Job


3x sessions of coaching with career coach Maria Katolikova of Authetick You, 3x sessions with Lynsey to help you boost your self esteem and relieve stress.

€645 EUR

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